What happens in your wildest dreams?


Word Sprints!

  1.   Closed Group
  2.   Writing
Let's make a goal and meet it together. Whether it's a word count, a scene, a chapter, or brainstorming a title - we'll set the timer and get to the end of it.

Persnickety Readers

  1.   Open Group
  2.   Books
Our reading tastes are eclectic and we're picky to boot.


  1.   Open Group
  2.   Literary
Inklings is a group for writers of spec-fic to talk about writing and help each other improve our craft.

American Gods

  1.   Open Group
  2.   TV Shows
This is a group for fans of the TV Show that promises to be awesome beyond comparison, American Gods.

Absolute Poetry

  1.   Open Group
  2.   Literary
Write or love poetry? This is the group for you!

Attack on Titan

  1.   Open Group
  2.   Anime & Manga
The surviving remnants of humanity lives in cities enclosed by massive walls. The walls are there to fend off the titans, colossal humanoids that eat people.
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