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M. Haynes
M. HaynesM. Haynes   June 25, 2017   46   0
M. Haynes was born in Memphis, TN but grew up in (and claims as home) the Mississippi Delta, specifically Greenville, MS. Growing up he developed a love of reading and writing, especially fantasy works, which led him to create his own. Armed now with a few degrees (including a BA from Alcorn State University) and over fifteen years of writing experience, M. Haynes has set out to produce works that show that you don't have to be be blonde haired and blue eyed to be a superhero, nor do you have to even be all the way "good". M. Haynes hopes that his works will show a more nuanced version of people of color in a fantasy world, and maybe even encourage children of color to learn the value of reading.
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Stephen Alexander
Stephen AlexanderStephen Alexander   June 06, 2017   100   0
Stephen Alexander is a traveling English teacher currently working in East Asia. His primary genres are superhuman urban fantasy and comedy horror. He also writes non-fiction travel articles for various online publication sources that will take any thing. And he will do damn near anything for a scoop.

He can be found on various fiction communities, hassling other members, or playing Steam games poorly. To learn more about his works, check out his website.
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Julie ReeserJulie Reeser   May 30, 2017   59   0
Much of Julie's time is spent wandering from webpage to willow grove seeking an elusive bit of contrapuntal narrative to spark her work. She has been published in Black Denim Lit, Zoetic Press and their imprint NonBinary Review, Grendel-Song, Whirlwind, and Timeless Tales Magazine. She's currently querying her middle grader novel and writing a serial fiction on her blog. 
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Tonya R. Moore
Tonya R MooreTonya R Moore   May 25, 2017   89   0
Tonya R. Moore is a Jamaican writer of speculative fiction–short stories, webserials, and novelettes. Currently living in Florida, she is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and English. Tonya is the founder of Tonya loves anime, manga, and all things spec-fic. 

When she sleeps, she dreams in sci-fi and horror. She dreams of monsters and invading aliens. She dreams of chasing and being chased. The flotsam and jetsam of her childhood are always in interwoven within the fabric of her most fantastic nightmares.
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22 May 2017
Genre Commentaries
Neil Gaiman's American Gods is godpunk at its finest. Odin, or rather, Mr. Wednesday stokes the fires of war between the gods of the modern age and the gods of old. He hires the reluctant ex-convict, Shadow Moon as his bodyguard. Shadow is immediate...