22 May 2017
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Neil Gaiman's American Gods is godpunk at its finest.Odin, or rather, Mr. Wednesday stokes the fires of war between the gods of the modern age and the gods of old. He hires the reluctant ex-convict, Shadow Moon as his bodyguard. Shadow is immediately...
01 April 2017
Have you heard about Kugali, the online database showcasing some of the most awesome comics, games, and animations from Africa and the African Diaspora? Kugali is launching their first exclusive graphic novel, titled Newborn Saga. Set in an...
31 March 2017
Black Science Fiction Society is a community that was created to celebrate and promote diversity in speculative fiction. The brain-child of Jarvis Sheffield, Black Science Fiction Society seeks to showcase and develop works of science fiction, fantas...

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  • Space Age Mermaid
    Written by
    Space Age Mermaid

    Sulily sleeps suspended inside a transparent, cylindrical womb filled with luminous blue fluid. Her suit sticks to her body like a second skin and has knobby nodes that run up the length of her spine and end at the soft helmet’s base at the back of her neck. From the center of the helmet, wires fan outward and upward, gathering at the control center at the top of the container. Sulily’s mouth and nose are covered by a breathing apparatus with a serpentine root that coils and stretches down to the base of the cylinder.

    Written on Friday, 22 September 2017 19:07 in Flash Fiction Be the first to comment! Read 19 times Read more...
  • Lightning Bug
    Written by
    Lightning Bug

    When Bug was six, she got kicked in the head by a horse. By all accounts, that’s how she should have died. That she lived was a tiny miracle but it’s an old story, the one about how she went blind. When she was twelve, she got her brand new cybernetic eyes. You could even call it a brand new lease on life.

    Written on Friday, 22 September 2017 18:41 in Flash Fiction Be the first to comment! Read 15 times Read more...
  • Perish the Thought
    Written by
    Perish the Thought

    “If this boat hits one more swell, I swear I’ll hurl that slop they called breakfast back up on the deck.”

    Venus–AKA Captain Eyepatch’s gravelly complaint dragged Terra back to the here and now.

    Written on Saturday, 23 September 2017 14:59 in Flash Fiction Be the first to comment! Read 14 times Read more...